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Customer Testimonials

Donna Costa-White
Vice President, Inside Sales and Sales Operation - TEAMHealth
The Whole Brain selling and Sales Funnel is one of the most comprehensive and logical sales processes I’ve ever been trained on. Based on years of sales experience, the program shares with us what works – and it gets results! Our close rate and EBITDA increased substantially since implementing it. This program is a common sense approach to important skills every sales person needs.
Donna | Ray | Michelle


Sharon Smith
Sales Funnel’s managers training was the highest rated programme we’ve done.
Al Hutchinson, Jr.
First Federal
Your management training produced results.
Bartina Edwards
First Union
Very useful, pertinent information that I will definitely implement to replace my existing sales technique.


Roberto Delgado
GM Group
Challenging. I learned a different approach of how to sell, identify the customer, and deal properly with objections.
GM Group
Sales Funnel is really useful in determining the real needs of the customer.
Santiago Albanese
GM Group
The impact [of the programme] on you will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Calvin Clay
Liberty Life
The Sales Funnel programme breaks the sales process down to simple steps that anyone can benefit from.


Alan Wilson
Compass Group
Sales Funnel has begun the process for me of developing the skills needed for account retention, employee retention, and account selling skills.
Deanne Brandstetter
Compass Group
[Sales Funnel] provides so much food for thought, it can feed self-improvement for a long time.
Thomas Hennessy
Compass Group
Sales Funnel continues to demonstrate the ability to improve sales skills for sales professionals. This is my second session with Sales Funnel and it continues to amaze me with the impact it has on my performance and how I view myself.


Vickie Ferguson
Very good strategies for building customer trust.
Jim Beard
Cox Radio Tampa
Your sharing of leadership, management, and personal experiences over the last two days have exceeded my expectations. The investment of the time, money, and talent was well worth it and will provide ROI without a doubt.
Donna Thurman
Austin American Statesman
Sales Funnel gave us proven selling examples and techniques to sell the individual personalities. A big AHA!
Steve Fortuna
Moving, powerful, and very doable tips on managing the process.


Phillip Mullinax
The best seminar of its kind. I came away with knowledge that only time and experience could have given me otherwise.
Mike Duck
Lucent Technologies
I’ve attended numerous sales seminars over the years; however, this one day introduced more concepts than most sessions that last a week. I have lots of work to do now!
Robin Washington
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Sales Funnel provided us with such a variety of powerful techniques that it would be impossible not to leave with at least one career or organizational idea that can be implemented immediately.
Dede Blackburn
Lucent Technologies
Sales Funnel captivated my attention and is one of the most powerful presenters I’ve ever seen. I could have listened for hours more. The best training Lucent has invested in in years.
Gayle DeWitt
Lucent Technologies
Absolutely phenomenal! Uplifting and motivating! This has been the most worthwhile seminar I’ve ever attended. We need more training from Sales Funnel.


Doug Wright
Payless Cashways
Tons of great information in a highly entertaining presentation. Definitely stuff I can use every day.
Stan Torsteusch
Stan's Lumber
Outstanding. You present an outstanding directive for sales, business, and life.
Linda White
Associate AD - Clemson University
The seminar provided insights that will enable us to use our resources in the most effective manner. A real eye opening and fun experience.
Boyd Loadholt
Agent-owned realty - E-Commerce Summit, Rome
Sales Funnel has an organised, systematic approach I’ve never seen before. We will use it.
Dr. Karl Sanderson
E-Commerce Summit, Rome
In 12 years of consulting and over 50 courses attended, this is the most valuable I’ve ever experienced. I’m amazed at how Sales Funnel can come up with the answer to any question that this class asks.
Keith Wingfield
Tradewind Spas - PSP Expo (Hosted by Aqua Magazine)
Made me see the sales process in a totally different light. As a planned, disciplined, ethical science.
Elaine Brabham, Jim West, June Kemmerlin
PSP Expo (Hosted by Aqua Magazine)
Sales Funnel’s course has instilled a confidence in implementing clear and concise techniques for understanding human behaviour which is the main component of master salesmanship.
Jim Davis
Head women’s basketball coach - Clemson University
Dynamite! Totally dynamite! This was a tremendous help to me in helping to organise our recruiting strategies and, in addition, to help our staff maximise our productivity.
John Paulowski
Assistant baseball coach - Clemson University
Sales Funnel designed their information on a level we can relate to. They did their research on their audience and I have learned a great deal.
Ron Thurlow
Stock Lumber
A selling process with teeth.
John Hammontree
E-Commerce Summit, Rome
I will always consider my experience with Sales Funnel as the starting point of my new career.
A. Mavromach
Hamburg Course
Very relevant to consulting/team environment. Great insight on interpersonal interactions.
Jeff Berglund
Omni Pool and Spa
My company’s sales have increased 322% since we implemented many of Sales Funnel’s ideas.
Keith Wingfield
Tradewind Spas
Made me see the sales process in a totally different light. As a planned, disciplined, ethical science.