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Is the poor performance of your sales team putting your job at risk?

Why sales teams fail:

  • No measurement of sales probability formulas and close monitoring of closing averages or strike rates
  • No understanding of the buying influences that shape client decision-making in any organisation
  • Bad sales hires who lack the skill, motivation, tools or value system to do the job with passion
  • No scientific understanding or factoring of client behaviours into their sales strategy
  • Poor backing from internal departments to support the closing of the sales process
  • Back-office operations can’t deliver on the service or product sold
  • Time wasting on doomed deals that they were never going to win
  • Sales pipelines are weak or filled with unwinnable deals
  • No sales database management system in place
  • Bad time and territory management
  • Poor senior leadership

Whether you’re looking to smash your growth targets, reinvent your sales team or reduce costly mistakes in your sales hiring, we customise programmes that you demand, deserve and expect based on your specific challenges and key objectives.