Are your sellers moving the needle with qualified prospects? Unleash the unlimited with the Secrets of Whole Brain Selling®.

Close the sale at the first appointment and say farewell to the competition with Whole Brain Selling®.

Can you afford not to implement the same sales model that’s been used to sell 99 of the Fortune 100?

Our clients know the answer and have successfully put this to the test with staggering results! Many have doubled their closing averages within the first year, while many of their top sellers are not only top in their company – they’re sales champions across their entire industry.

The one thing they have in common? Without exception, they attribute their success to adopting The Secrets of Whole Brain Selling®, the gold standard in human behaviour selling that blends science and logic.

Combining left-brained sales skills with a right-brained understanding of human behaviour, the Whole Brain Selling® system has helped sales masters around the world improve their closing average, increase account retention, and win against low-priced competition.

In fact, clients have paid us seven figures not to train their competitors in these secrets – such were the results to their bottom line.

Typically sales trainers will focus on “left brain selling” when deals are actually always lost for “right brain reasons” – consumers buy on emotions and justify with logic.

Ask yourself:

  • How am I factoring in left and right brain sales strategies to accelerate my sales success?
  • Have I factored my customer’s dominant buying motive into my sales strategy to close the deal?
  • How much solution selling (or puking up solutions as soon as I meet my prospect) am I doing versus unlocking the real skill in sales which is using a process to accurately define the customers problem?

Take the mystery out of selling with Whole Brain Sales Mastery.

More signal, less noise, our live deal analysis eliminates guesswork.

Sales can be difficult, with many intervening variables, but the sales process itself is simple. We take the complexity and mystery out of selling by showing your salespeople how to apply Whole Brain Selling® Mastery skills and strategies to the live deals they’re working on today.

With Whole Brain Sales Mastery, there’s no such thing as a complex sale.

Our two day programme allows a refresher on key components that were previously learnt during the Whole Brain Selling® course. The bulk of the time is then spent with the team strategizing and discussing how to close the deal that they selected from their current pipeline that is live today.

Working in close collaboration with your sales team, we help brainstorm answers to every sale that is pending, using the sales principles your team has already learned. Many of our clients have an 80% closing average on the sales they bring to our Sales Mastery courses.


Are your team’s skills adapted for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Unlock the power of Whole Brain Leadership, and give your team wings to soar, using left- and right-brain strategies.

Is your leadership style demonstrating left or right-brain strategies?

People are hired for left-brain qualities like work history and specific skills, but leave or are dismissed for right-brained factors, like a lack of inspiration, motivation, strategy and communication.

These are the very areas where many leaders haven’t been tutored. Instead, they’ve been trained to lead processes and manage people, when they should be leading people and managing the process.

Our Whole Brain approach to leadership development equips your leaders to do both of these successfully. They’ll gain techniques and skill sets required to lead, engage, communicate and collaborate with the many different personalities that make up your workforce.

They’ll learn the key skills required for their teams to be successful in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

People manage from the left and lead from the right. Many leadership programmes are actually management programmes. However, we assume that you know how to manage your processes, so we focus on right brain issues like emotional intelligence and increasing your engagement index.

Employee engagement, along with account and talent retention, are all crucial to your business, yet all depend on how your leaders lead.

Key questions to consider:

  • People quit bosses, not companies. Do you know how many of your superstars want to quit because of challenges they’re experiencing with their boss?
  • What methodology are you using to measure the Emotional Intelligence of the people that you are hiring?
  • The best leaders have a high degree of EQ in common – how does your leadership team’s EQ rank?
  • How are you using Emotional Intelligence to improve the performance of your team?
  • What does your engagement index tell you about your organisation?
  • What critical business issues are keeping you awake at night?
  • Is your organisation DISC-literate?