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Are the people you’re hiring helping or hurting you?

Eliminate costly hiring mistakes and build your sales best team.

“Selecting the right person for the right job is the largest part of coaching.” Phil Crosby

Are your hires helping or hurting you? With a recent SAP study showing that it costs companies $700k when a good sales person is lost, one bad hire can ruin your sales force, if not your business.

Worse still is losing your best growth asset to the competition!

And what benchmarks do you have in place to hire the best talent the market has to offer? Why hire 10 people to get one superstar?

In a fiercely competitive market where disruption is the new currency, and change the only constant, getting the right people for the job has never been more critical.

We have a process that gives you the tools to hire the desired profile of sellers to deliver on your sales expectations.

Through our sales diagnostic, we examine your sales team’s behaviours, motivators and values, giving you the deep insights you need to engage your team intuitively and effectively to bring out the best in them.

Our process ensures you attract the right talent with the desired skills and behaviour styles that are best suited to deliver optimum results for your organisation.

Our process addresses three critical questions:

  • DOES the candidate possess a high level of emotional intelligence (EQ) to be successful?
  • CAN the candidate do the job based on the skills the company requires?
  • WILL the candidate do the job required based on their core values?
  • HOW will the candidate do the job based on their behaviour style?