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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014
Rachelle Roesler
Seidor MENA
Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm captivated us from the minute the workshop started. Her experience, knowledge and expertise kept us engaged and hungry to learn more and apply what we learned immediately.
Salim Saleem
Close System
The Whole Brain Selling® sales process was wonderful, informative and the overall training experience so well organized.
Arron Bowen
The implementation of the key first 7-steps of the sales process and particularly how I can apply the power of DISC will take me to a much higher success rate of closing deals
Jay Maru
Highly experienced and full of great insights. Approachable with specific and tailored answers to your unique sales situation.
Zhuldyz Koshpanova
Happy Minds Life
Michelle taught me to make the whole sales process more fun, using my natural strengths such as my humour and positive attitude. Learnt real skills that I can apply immediately to improve my sales success.
Wallwood Investments
Michelle is the most personable trainer that I have come across so far in my life. The sales training is world-class and extremely effective
Johanna Moyano
Easy going and friendly. Confident in her qualified and proven techniques. She is a delight and her workshop leaves you feeling more in control of the sales process and in being able to deliver and close deals.
Makalu B
It has opened my perspective about the sales process in a disciplined manner as compared to my natural style. Couldn’t thank Michelle more for taking me through unknown territory with such ease and comfort level.
Garry Nicoll
General Manager - AMOS Group UK & Europe
Beyond pleasantly surprised with this course. My naturally pessimistic nature has been blow away! Michelle has opened my eyes to new techniques and approaches to more effectively hit the sales marks I want to hit, to have impact, and create a lasting impression – ultimately leading to mutual respect and sales success!
Peter McDougall
AMOS Group UK & Europe
Michelle’s sales training and coaching was the most eye-opening 3 days of my sales career. It has not only given me a sales tool kit to carry out my sales role, but also changed my perception of how to sell more effectively to improve my results.
Mohamed Abou Laban
Deyaar Facilities Management
This sales programme undoubtedly teaches you how to excel in sales.
Sachin Sehgal
Such an excellent way to understand the science behind this world class sales process! So many take-aways for me.
Shailaja Khan
HR Consultant
Heart rendering and thought provoking. Wonderful experience. Selling was NEVER so much fun!
Ameya S. Hate
By including real life examples and her excellent presentation skills, Michelle’s workshop will surely add unique and immense value to any entrepreneur or sales professional.
Sean Drury
Financial Retail Consultant
Brilliant – Energetic – Articulate and Professional – Best sales training I have ever attended!
Jari Dondiego
Nvanceleap Marketing
Very professional and hands on. How she presents and the content of the presentation was incredible – very captivating.
Helen Grant
Michelle’s a great presenter and very knowledgeable and keeps you interested all throughout the programme.
Sohail Pedari
Marriott International
The Energy that Michelle’s training has is absolutely spectacular. She speaks from experience which makes a big difference as a trainer!
Darren Thomson
AMOS Group Azerbaijan
Michelle’s training is powerful and mind blowing. What stood out for me was the DISC process and WITY criteria.
James Morrison
The Whole Brain Selling® sales training has been an EYE OPENER in the sales strategy and tactics that you learn. Great experience – thanks Michelle, it is much appreciated to immediately improve my sales skills.
Sean Hill
Regional Director MENA - AMOS Group
Very valuable sales strategy that we can apply throughout our organisation easily that will bring tremendous value. Presented in a very clear and energetic way. Michelle is very experienced and knowledgeable.
Sophia Bhatti
A fantastic workshop where I have learnt many new sales techniques as well as refreshed ones that I already knew. Well worth the time and investment to attend!
Yolanda Pohl Mariotti
Swissly GOTS
A Shocking Eye Opener!! Learning how to become your clients emotional twin was amazing and having for once a structured sales process to follow.
Rommel Antonio
California Chiropractors
Very intelligent and thought provoking sales programme with a sensational presenter!
Kapil Mathur
Holborn Assets
Extremely passionate and knowledgeable about an excellent sales process.
Shaishla Afroze
Deyaar FM
Highly interactive and engaging workshop. A sales process that is very different to what I have heard before and one that has practical steps that I can apply to my job to improve my own sales success.
Steve Ashby
Very helpful and insightful at a personal and commercial level. I will be able to immediately use the insights gained to my business tomorrow!
Elena Khoury,
Despite me reading and learning other sales techniques in the past – nothing comes close to what I have learnt today which was an EYE-OPENER! I now realise all the sales mistakes I have been making and know what now to rectify with this powerful sales process!
Mohamed Ahli
Deyaar FM
Very good programme, I learnt a lot thanks to Michelle. Keep up this brilliant work!
Ernest Hosking
Titan Management Consultants
A real eye-opener. Very insightful, interesting and relevant. Delivered by a most entertaining, knowledgeable and engaging presenter. Well done and thank you Michelle.
Fiona Swaffield
Michelle is an informed, knowledgeable and engaging presenter. Very impressed with examples being used that had been applied to the companies sitting in the room.
Joanna Spruce
Farnek Services
The workshop has been insightful, interesting and engaging. A reminder of the power of emotion and psychology in the buying process. Michelle is very passionate, experience and knowledgeable.
Axel Zanner-Entwistle
University Graduate
The workshop was highly interesting and engaging. The sales process and power of DISC is fundamental to sales success and together made a very powerful and effective sales process. I learnt a lot.
Prasad B. Manore
Grabanoid Global
I loved this workshop and learned how emotional intelligence, DISC and the WITY are powerful tool and techniques to apply to my sales approach to be more successful in closing my clients. Great stuff!
Damian Hehr
I enjoyed Michelle’s enthusiasm and passion for sharing with us a highly effective sales process. Her energy in presenting this was amazing.
Jayant YS
She knows her subject better than anyone in sales I ever heard before. She is a great motivator for me.
Immie Adshead
Those who fail to prepare, are preparing to fail – powerful words shared by Michelle. The steps of the sales process make selling more logical, more clearer and more attainable.
Rebecca Wilson
Farnek Services
Insightful, relevant, powerful and business changing.